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'Let Me Down Easy' [Official Video] Scream (Funk My Life Up) [Official Video] Paolo Nutini - Better Man [Acoustic] 'Iron Sky' [Abbey Road Session] Paolo Nutini - Caustic Love ‘Buona Sera’ Live on the Great American Songbook 'I'd Rather Go Blind' Live on The Great American Songbook Paolo In LA (part 1) Pencil Full of Lead with the Big Ghana Band for Fair Trade Fortnight Paolo in LA (part 2) Paolo Live and Backstage At The O2 Academy, Birmingham Pencil Full of Lead Pencil Full Of Lead (Summersonic live version) 10/10 (Summersonic live version) Coming Up Easy (Summersonic live version) Paolo's Arcade Fire Cover These Streets (Bush Studios version) 'Nature Boy' Live on The Great American Songbook Autumn (Bush Studios version) Coming Up Easy Coming Up Easy Making Of Candy Candy Making Of Pencil Full of Lead (Wilton Hall live version) Candy (Wiltons Hall live version) Growing Up Beside You (Wilton Hall live version) Behind The Scenes (Wilton Hall live version) New Shoes Rewind Jenny Don't Be Hasty Last Request Alloway Grove (AOL Session version) Daydream (AOL Session version) Jenny Don't Be Hasty (AOL Session version) Last Request (AOL Session version) Million Faces (AOL Session version) Rewind (AOL Session version) Paolo Nutini - Iron Sky [Short Film]

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  • 09.01.2012 @ 17:47:26PM - marry-me-paolo

    just so u know... u sing me to sleep every night:-)
    each night before i go to sleep i play this song on my phone and listen to it
    it is such a beautiful and passionate song that i drift into a deep sleep
    i only wish that you could actually be singing it in front of me...for me...
    but until that day, i guess my phone will have to suffice :-( xx

    All my love and wishes, Shahla xx

  • 09.01.2012 @ 17:39:27PM - marry-me-paolo

    hope u have a wonderful day and enjoy being 25! :-)
    lov from ur devoted fan,shahla xx
    love you Paolo!! <3 <3

  • 28.11.2011 @ 09:22:24AM - velveteen

    I'm in love with this song!!!

  • 19.08.2011 @ 16:42:10PM - marry-me-paolo

    This is my favourite song of yours!!!!!
    i would definately grant that request!!!!!!!!
    in fact i would grant any of your request!
    can't believe ur shown as a robber though! u would never do that!!!!
    ur way to sweet and kind!!!!
    loveeeee u!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • 16.04.2011 @ 19:05:19PM - T.B.

    Amazing song!!! Much better version of video!!!!! I love it!!!

  • 23.10.2010 @ 20:04:31PM - demi

    I can't find the word to describe this...
    Wonderfull isn't good enough, it's way better.

  • 16.05.2010 @ 00:39:51AM - leman

    I was really upset as dead! :(

  • 28.04.2010 @ 18:27:57PM - kiplinn

    Is this the real video, ive never seen it before. Love it :)

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