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Pencil Full of Lead with the Big Ghana Band for Fair Trade Fortnight

'Let Me Down Easy' [Official Video] Scream (Funk My Life Up) [Official Video] Paolo Nutini - Better Man [Acoustic] 'Iron Sky' [Abbey Road Session] Paolo Nutini - Caustic Love ‘Buona Sera’ Live on the Great American Songbook 'I'd Rather Go Blind' Live on The Great American Songbook Paolo In LA (part 1) Pencil Full of Lead with the Big Ghana Band for Fair Trade Fortnight Paolo in LA (part 2) Paolo Live and Backstage At The O2 Academy, Birmingham Pencil Full of Lead Pencil Full Of Lead (Summersonic live version) 10/10 (Summersonic live version) Coming Up Easy (Summersonic live version) Paolo's Arcade Fire Cover These Streets (Bush Studios version) 'Nature Boy' Live on The Great American Songbook Autumn (Bush Studios version) Coming Up Easy Coming Up Easy Making Of Candy Candy Making Of Pencil Full of Lead (Wilton Hall live version) Candy (Wiltons Hall live version) Growing Up Beside You (Wilton Hall live version) Behind The Scenes (Wilton Hall live version) New Shoes Rewind Jenny Don't Be Hasty Last Request Alloway Grove (AOL Session version) Daydream (AOL Session version) Jenny Don't Be Hasty (AOL Session version) Last Request (AOL Session version) Million Faces (AOL Session version) Rewind (AOL Session version) Paolo Nutini - Iron Sky [Short Film]

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  • 09.01.2012 @ 17:30:18PM - marry-me-paolo

    hope u have a wonderful day and enjoy being 25! :-)
    lov from ur devoted fan,shahla xx
    love you Paolo!! <3 <3

  • 19.08.2011 @ 14:05:21PM - marry-me-paolo

    Such a good song!
    Great footy skills by the way.....not so good at pool though ;)
    Paolo i love u!!!! i'll be ur baby!!!! xx <3 xx

  • 08.05.2011 @ 15:18:21PM - PnsRooney

    I love this music video! I think it's really great ^^ It makes me really happy! :D <3

  • 27.10.2010 @ 23:18:23PM - elizabetta

    What a great young talent
    who works with so many variant genres
    and brings so much joy with him
    we've been waiting a long time for
    someone like you and your music
    and all of those who work with you

  • 20.06.2010 @ 16:52:34PM - tako

    funny video....

  • 17.05.2010 @ 23:15:22PM - Ninaaaaa

    I lve this video, cant stop wathcing it!!

  • 12.05.2010 @ 15:44:57PM - naty

    paolo 6 il migliore you're the best <3

  • 25.04.2010 @ 11:41:56AM - ploppers

    ahahaa nice shot at the end there ;)
    brilliant take on the song cadbury's, big pat on the back!
    paolo i actual love you!!!

  • 05.03.2010 @ 02:05:24AM - leman

    That attention to the movement after 2:36!

  • 04.03.2010 @ 23:58:41PM - fin

    Coolest percussion and smooth guitar riffs.
    Hope Cadbury leaves mores than footprints in the town where it was filmed - looks so poor.

  • 03.03.2010 @ 21:37:37PM - leman

    great images, artists outside the scene to see is very good for those who love us! those in the hands of such images, please share it! Thanks ...

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